Define principles and guidelines of joint MSc in SE

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All the partners will be involved in this WP. In particular:

  1. EU partners will provide information about previous experiences in SE programs, in particular jointly developed and coordinated programs (e.g., Erasmus Mundus programs).
  2. Non-EU partners will provide information about the local regulations, environment, and demand in a curriculum in SE supported by at distance infrastructure.

The lead partner (FUB) will coordinate the overall activities. Each activity will have an activity leader. The major tasks for this WP consist in reviewing current practices and define pre-knowledge and principles for implementing joint master programs in SE; defining models of joint curriculum design and delivery.

To perform these activities, partners will share/discuss the information via

  1. e-mails and google groups
  2. monthly conference calls
  3. monthly workshops

At each iteration partners will involve external stakeholders to bring in different and complementary knowledge or to review the model proposed and the approaches taken. For example, invited stakeholders might be SECC (Software Engineering Competency Center,, EG), other Tempus project members, other members of successful deployment of SE programs, or student associations (e.g., European Masters Course in Software Engineering (EMSE)).

The outcome of this WP will be a document that will be used to define the program, curriculum and tracks (WP2).

Deliverables – outputs / outcomes: