Defining The Program, Curriculum and Tracks

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Based upon the results of WP 1, this work package aims at producing a program structure based on current standards, recommendation, and curricula. The first activity in this package will review the model of joint curriculum development and delivery developed in WP 1, and produces a report on the relevant current standards, recommendations and curricula. In particular the joint software engineering master’s curriculum across countries developed in [1] and other current examples of joint software engineering master’s programs will be thoroughly studied. The second activity will define the program mission, objectives, and learning outcomes based on the software engineering body of knowledge as defined by the IEEE and the recent important topics such as Collaborative Teaching of Globally Distributed Software Development [2], Cloud Computing Software Engineering [3], and service-oriented systems [4]. In order to achieve the learning outcomes, the third activity will define the program tracks, modules, and syllabi. Assessment mechanisms at the program and modules levels will then be defined in the fourth activity. The last activity is on preparing the joint Program Accreditation Applications to get approval for the program at the institutional and national levels in Egypt and Palestine.
[1] Bothe, K., Z. Budimac, R. Cortazar, and H. Zedan “Developing A Joint Software Engineering Master’s Curriculum Across Countries: Report On A Multi-National Educational Project,” ITALICS volume 6 issue 3, July 2007.
[2] The Collaborative teaching of globally distributed software development: community building workshop, May 2011,
[3] ICSE 2011 Software Engineering For Cloud Computing Workshop, May 2011,
[4] Third international workshop on principles of engineering service-oriented systems, May 2011,

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