Develop Mechanisms for Dissemination and Sustainability

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Dissemination of the outcomes to all relevant stakeholders will contribute to the sustainability of the Project results and the ultimate success of the JMScSE Project. This will be achieved by reaching all possible targets groups and informing them of the existence and results achieved. Stakeholders of this project are the students and staff of partner country universities; employers of these students; administrative staff of the universities and Ministries of Education.

There are two ways by which dissemination will occur in JMScSE Project. First, in terms of ex ante promotion, we will prepare and print publicity materials for the academic program deployed to increase the awareness of the community and encourage the potential student and managers of local companies to participate in the program. Second, in terms of ex post promotion, there will workshops organized in the six partner countries that serve to disseminate all the relevant information to other faculties and departments of each university as well as to stakeholders outside the universities.

Dissemination activities will also take place through Web-sites set up at the grant holder and partner country universities and publicity material (CDs, brochures, leaflets) that will be distributed to various stakeholders.

Project outcomes will be published and made accessible to the wider Software Engineering education community.

Partner universities are characterized by experience and administration stability. All the agreed upon policies, academic programs, and procedures will be enforced by the authorized councils within each university and will be included in the formal by-laws of the relevant faculty. A dedicated MSc in SE lab will be established and equipped in each university. This will ensure the sustainability of the MSc program during and beyond the project lifetime. Financial sustainability is guaranteed through the tuition fees set by partner universities in EG and PS.

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