Development of Quality Control and Monitoring mechanisms

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Quality Plan
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This WP aims at evaluating and monitoring the quality of the project. Internal quality will be assessed through internal reviews of the status of the project activities, the achievement of their tasks, and their completion on the due date. All the partners will be involved. Interviews will be performed through personal contacts of the WP coordinator and/or through periodical workshops (virtual or physical).

The quality and the development of MSc curriculum will be periodically evaluated by the EU partners according to their expertise and competence. This activity will be performed through workshops and partners' evaluation, and will analyze to what extent: 1) the curriculum is a joint and integrated program, 2) virtual and at distance learning is promoted by the program, 3) teachers' competence is integrated to achieve excellence , and 4) the program conforms to existing NON-EU partners national regulations and guidelines and in comparison with EU directives such as the Bologna Framework. External experts (e.g., like national and international didactic associations in Computer Science and / or Software Engineering) will act as reviewers of the excellence of the program developed in terms of pedagogic methods and learning outcome . Alumni associations (e.g. of the international Erasmus Mundus programs run at the EU partners) will be involved in evaluating and monitoring the program development in terms of students' needs and participation. Finally, coaching will be used as a primary instrument to prevent failures and enhance project quality. According their expertise and didactic competence partners and external experts will coach the participants in specific aspects needed for the development curriculum (e.g. strategy sustainability of an international joint program). At the end of each year, there will be external evaluation by an experienced external evaluator, Professor Hussein Zedan, his details and experience mentioned under tasks to be sub-contracted.

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First Report on quality assessment

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