Joint Delivery of Masters in Software Engineering Programs

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The main purpose of this work package is to exploit the outcomes of all the previous work packages by implementing Masters in Software Engineering programs in partner universities. This involves obtaining the approval of the relevant higher education authority for each university and then running the first round of the masters program locally with joint teaching across universities using e-learning technologies.

The Masters program, following the EU standards, will be 2 years and consists of 120 ECTS. It will consist of 3 taught semesters and 1 semester for thesis. Out of 12 taught modules, 4 will be taught face-to-face locally and 8 will be taught across universities using e-learning by staff in partner or EU universities. Quality control and advisory visits by EU partners and external experts will take place once to each partner university to ensure the smooth implementation of the program and provide feedback and teach selected focused topics. EU professors will undertake other activities during their visit to EG and PS, such as giving seminars on their specialist subject, on software engineering teaching and learning technologies and methodologies or consulting students, etc.

The Masters thesis will be jointly supervised by local staff and EU staff. Therefore students will have access to a broader range of expertise for their dissertations.

The top students in each partner country universities will be given scholarships to do half of their thesis in a EU partner.

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